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  1. My name is Edward Richtofen, and I have been trying so very hard to do the right thing. Long ago, I made a promise. A vow to protect him. In order to keep my word, I have done bad things. VERY bad things. I do not regret the pain that I have caused because none of it really matters. This moment… this… me. All of it will soon be gone. I have lied, I have cheated, I have deceived. All for a purpose you could never understand. I would not change a single thing. He thinks I do not know, but I do

  2. Damn that’s hot, I’ve been trying to get my lady to do this for a while now. So sexy when she looks back as she’s riding him, and then how she reaches for her husband as she’s cumming. Only thing better would be for that huge nut to go inside her. Very hot

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